Video conferencing & remote collaboration in telehealth

Enhance patient care with collaboration services deployed throughout medical centers

We extend the medical community’s reach and engagement while driving down costs

Healthcare industry is changing quickly. Our collaboration services enable you to address the challenges of shrinking revenue margins and a growing demand on healthcare services.

Our premium remote audio, web and video conferencing services and Unified Communications help dramatically improve administrative efficiencies, costs, care and products. And patients are able to utilize collaboration technologies to take greater control of their healthcare, allowing providers to offer better care at lower costs.

From an increasingly dispersed medical workforce to an evolving partner/vendor ecosystem, Arkadin delivers technology solutions designed to best meet your present and future needs in an industry becoming ever-more reliant on remote collaboration.



Our goal was to align with an entity like Arkadin that is at the forefront of video technology. Arkadin helped us develop the right video conferencing platform ‘as a service’ for our members. We were able to offer the service without charging our members additional fees which made adoption easier.

Eric Brown, CEO, California Telehealth Network

Meeting your goals with Arkadin

Healthcare organizations:

  • Improve the patient journey
  • Communicate quickly and effectively with remote patients, specialists and peers
  • Expand the quality of care
  • Speed the delivery of treatment and procedures


Benefits of our collaboration technology:

  • Online conferencing solutions quickly and easily deployed in hospitals and medical centers
  • Extensive global footprint with local presence and support
  • Dedicated Arkadin Specialists understand and support your unique professional requirements
  • Comprehensive product training for medical staff
  • Dedicated 24 x 7 Customer Services in local languages
  • Technical support to ensure smooth integration and continuous support


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