Collaboration solutions for law firms to increase billable hours without the need to travel


Remote Collaboration Services in the Legal Industry: Driving Productivity and Profitability

This whitepaper will arm you with valuable information about how remote collaboration solutions such as audio, video, and web conferencing can help law firms lower costs, increase productivity, and drive incremental revenue.

Welcome aboveboard

Tailored solutions for colleagues, clients and employees

We understand how remote collaboration solutions such as audio, video, and web conferencing can help your firm increase productivity, client satisfaction and revenue while reducing expenses.


Reduce travel costs
Stay connected while on the go
Conduct in-house training
Lead generation activities and branding
Improve productivity
Remote client consultation with desktop video
Free conferencing mobility app
Online documents sharing, polls, break-out rooms features
Webinar and Managed Services
Itemize billing codes and report for individual client
We recommend
Global trainings and all-hands meetings

Host thousands of participants and engage them in an interactive online learning environment with Arkadin's dedicated production team. Deliver training, benefits roll-out or all-hands updates quickly and easily.

Share testimony and conduct depositions

Host instant audio, web and video conferences with Arkadin Oneplace powered by Adobe Connect.  Increase access to case-critical information by collecting expert testimony or conducting depositions remotely from any location around the world. Enable partners, committee members or senior executives to hold meetings or voting sessions without the cost and hassle of travel.

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