Fuss free audio conferencing, for meetings of all sizes


Our innovative platform brings quality, simplicity, security and an increased ROI.



One of the key benefits of the Arkadin service has been its ease of use. The ability to get people together quickly has led to a further increase in productivity and ensured that  all meetings can be attended while delivering significant cost savings.

Be heard, loud & clear

Enhance your remote collaboration and virtual events with crystal clear audio

For everyday conference calls – Unassisted

With Arkadin™Anytime audio conferencing, you can organise your conference calls any time of the day without making a reservation.

  • Available 24 hours a day
  • Available from any location in the world
  • Reservationless: no pre-booking required as
    this is an on-demand audio service
  • Instant remote meetings hosting up to 100 participants per call

Our audio conferencing services provide excellent voice quality, security and ease of use: dialing the access number and PIN code is all it takes to join the call!

Virtual audio events - Operator-assisted
For larger audiences or for strategically important meetings, our dedicated ArkadinEvent production team offer managed services to ensure that your virtual event meeting is a success.

ArkadinAnytime for your day-to-day conference calls
Self-service audio conferencing made easy

Arkadin makes audio conferencing easy and enjoyable. Check-out how simple it can be to organise and manage your conference calls while ensuring all attendees are able to easily join and participate.

ArkadinEvent for high profile conferences managed by a team of professionals
Fully managed virtual events delivering a high ROI

Whether you are organising a virtual conference for thousands of people or needing extra-assistance for a smaller webinar, the ArkadinEvent Team will deliver a fully managed event service for audio conferences, web conferences or webcasts. Tailored to your requirements, ArkadinEvent maximizes the impact of your strategic communications.

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