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The service is characterized by attention to detail, not about call volumes and hidden charges. The Arkadin team really engages with users, taking care of their needs and responding to their questions. This makes the relationship between our two organizations painless. For Bemis, it is about ease of use and cost-effectiveness and we feel that Arkadin delivers on this promise.

Bruce Hagen, Vice President Corporate Information Systems, Bemis

Driving effective business engagement through unified communications!

Share ideas and collaborate via audio, web or video around the world anytime, anywhere instantly! 

Remote conferencing saves time and costs of business travel, promotes faster decision making and increase your time to market. Arkadin offers a range of Audio, Web, Video Conferencing, Unified Communications and Event solutions tailored to your business needs. Here are some reasons why you should choose Arkadin:

  • Intuitive, user friendly technology - enabling you to focus on meetings, not on technology!
  • Reservationless remote collaboration without limitations: anytime, anywhere, anyway
  • Fully integrated mobile applications - being on the move should not stop you from working with others
  • Best-in-class client services: user training, 24x7 customer service, reporting, Professional Services

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Audio Conferencing:

Create and join audio conference calls with multiple participants from your phone.  Use audio conferencing for regular meetings or ad-hoc sessions.

Web Conferencing:


As well as talking with your fellow participants, you can use web conferencing from any personal computer with an Internet connection to share presentations and applications in real time with just a few clicks. 

Video Conferencing:


With video conferencing you can put a face to a name and voice to really get your message across. By upgrading your solution with video conferencing, you significantly increase the efficiency of collaborative work within your enterprise.

Unified Communications:

UC is a set of products that provide you with an All-in-One package, from web, voice and video with an Instant Messaging feature allowing you to communicate in a wide range of ways.


Event Solutions:

ArkadinEvent is our professionally managed, operator-assisted audio and web conferencing service.

Arkadin’s complete range of collaboration services helps you share information more quickly and effectively! All our solutions are in the Cloud which doesnt require a hefty upfront investment, read about our core Collaboration-as-a-Service offering.

Arkadin Audio Conferencing Services

With ArkadinAnytime audio conferencing, you can organise your conference call at any time of day:

  • Available 24 hours a day
  • Available from any location in the world
  • Reservationless: no pre-booking required as this is an on-demand audio service
  • Instant remote meetings hosting up to 100 participants
Arkadin Web Conferencing Services

Web conferencing means visual sharing from a computer, laptop or tablet and can be used to:

  • Work collaboratively on a text document or a spreadsheet
  • Discuss project planning with multiple stakeholders
  • Demonstrate a new product
  • Provide technical support or training
  • Deliver a slide presentation
Arkadin Unified Communications (UC)
All communication and collaboration tools in a single interface

Unified Communication provides a consistent user experience across multiple devices and media types.
UC services range from a simple contact list and instant messaging to one-click document sharing and video conferencing.
UC brings you full convergence with a unified user interface and platform with access from any device.

Arkadin Virtual Events
Dedicated services to assist you in organising online events

An operator-assisted conferencing service that is ideal for conducting high-profile or large collaboration sessions.
For marketing, training or recruiting, ArkadinEvent is an innovative, professional channel for communicating with VIPs and large audiences where perfection is required and mistakes are not an option.

Arkadin Customer Management Services
Account management, training, 24x7 customer service and reporting

Global service roll-out management and end-user training & support are included in our standard services.
In addition, Arkadin Professional Services offer tailor-made solutions to suit your specific business requirements.

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