A Unified Communications console for accessing all collaboration tools

Bridging Jabber and WebEx for full UC

A single user interface for a Unified Communications experience from your desktop or mobile device

The Cisco Jabber application combines key collaboration functions (Presence, Instant Messaging, VoIP and video conferencing) with WebEx Meeting Center and Arkadin Audio Conferencing to deliver an effective Unified Communications solution. 

Boost your productivity with Jabber; easily locate business contacts, discuss and share presentations and view each other in real time. Users can quickly move from an IM conversation to a full web conferencing session with all the benefits of Arkadin audio conferencing...in just two clicks!

Single interface

Instant communication by multiple means from one interface

Easy UC

Easy and cost-effective solution for enterprises using Cisco WebEx

Secure IM

A confidential and secure corporate instant messaging tool


An easy step to unified collaboration

With the Cisco Jabber user interface, you can enjoy a unified
collaboration experience, right from your desktop or mobile
device, offering:

  • Presence
  • Enterprise Instant Messaging  (EIM)
  • Integration with Arkadin Audio Conferencing
  • Desktop sharing
  • Integration with WebEx Meeting Center
  • VoIP and video conferencing
  • Integration with Outlook Calendar

From an online chat in Cisco Jabber with two or more contacts, WebEx Meeting Center account holders can instantly launch an ArkadinAnytime audio conference.

Arkadin Audio Conferencing enhances your UC experience

  • Invite external partners or mobile workers to your Arkadin audio conference, as opposed to VoIP audio conferencing which limits conference participation to company network users
  • No risk of audio quality degradation and latency, even with a high number of participants
  • Access Arkadin Customer Support at any time during your audio conference for assistance in your local language


Secure presence and Instant Messaging tool for enterprise

  • Ensures communication privacy with user authentication and 128-bit SSL encryption
  • Controls usage for individuals, groups or your entire enterprise using robust policy management tools
  • Keeps conversations and intellectual property confidential
  • Hosted solution on a single secure platform requiring minimal IT investment

Facilitate easy collaboration

The combined Cisco WebEx solution provided by Arkadin enables everyone
in your organisation to collaborate quickly and easily using any of the following methods:


  • See which contacts are online and available or in a meeting
  • Choose which contacts can see your presence information
  • Also create custom presence notifications for your contacts to see

Arkadin Audio Conferencing
Fully integrated with Jabber to provide Arkadin Audio Console control functions:

  • List of all participants
  • Active speaker indicator to see who is talking
  • Participant management - mute, expel or start a private chat
  • Audio conference lock for confidentiality

VoIP and Video Conferencing

  • Take advantage of real time video and audio by adding a microphone and a webcam
  • Escalate any IM to a VoIP call or video conference

Desktop Sharing

  • Escalate any chat session to a 'show and tell'
  • Show contacts your desktop and anything on it, including slide decks, multimedia clips and web pages

Integration with WebEx Meeting Center web conferencing

  • Take advantage of integration with WebEx meeting applications to quickly schedule and launch WebEx web conferences directly from Cisco Jabber

Integration with Microsoft Outlook Calendar

  • Add contacts directly from Microsoft Outlook
  • View, add, and cancel appointments - including WebEx meetings

Mobile Access

  • Access capabilities from iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Cisco Cius and other mobile devices
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