Going beyond audio conferencing to share your ideas!

Don't just say it, show it!

Drive effective engagement by sharing documents live via the web

Imagine doing a presentation or discussing complex project timelines in an audio call with your colleagues based out of various locations. Audio conferencing can become a challenge without visual support. The ability to share documents with colleagues or external partners in real-time ensures more effective engagement in a call. With Arkadin's Web Conferencing Services, you can share documents, applications or your computer screen and even allow other participants to control your computer from a remote location!

Web conferencing means visual sharing from a computer, laptop or tablet and can be used to:

  • Work collaboratively on a text document or a spreadsheet
  • Discuss project planning with multiple stakeholders
  • Demonstrate a new product
  • Provide technical support or training
  • Deliver a slide presentation

Arkadin offers a wide range of web conferencing solution to suit your business requirements.

Our simplest solution for simple web conferencing
  • Instant access from a browser without software installation
  • One-click document and desktop sharing
  • Intuitive interface for quick user adoption and minimal training
  • Secure meetings from your web browser
Adobe Connect powered by Arkadin
Our recommendation for regular to advanced users
  • All-in-One Collaboration tool
  • Hybrid audio: use both standard telephony and voice over IP
  • Feature rich interface including video, recording, polling, attendee status, Q&A and more…
  • User-friendly interface and customisable layout
  • Adobe Flash technology that is supported on most PCs, Tablets and Smartphones
Cisco WebEx provided by Arkadin
Our recommended web conferencing solution for frequent and intensive collaborative work by expert users
  • All features listed above are supported
  • Complete suite for vertical usages: Training, IT Support…
  • Collaborative edition of a shared document
  • High Quality Video (720 pixels)
  • The broadest set of web conferencing features brought to you by the leading specialised service provider
ArkadinWebcast for rich multi-media webinars
A modern way to communicate to wider audiences
  • Ideal for corporate communications, investor relations, product launches and remote training
  • Virtually unlimited number of attendees
  • Online presentations with audio/video and slides
  • Question & Answer sessions with attendees
  • Customisable to your brand to enhance corporate image
  • Cost effective solution with immediate ROI compared to other communication channels
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